Modern Agility Means Integrating Technology with Existing Systems

A business can’t simply tap into the technology available today and expect to thrive — not if they have an existing system that needs to be integrated successfully with new technology. In order for them to be able to fully reach their goals, it is crucial that the IT company they work with have the expertise and tools needed to ensure that their current system can work smoothly with their existing system — in spite of the odds. CTS did exactly that with an advertising client with flawless professionalism and zero downtime for them. 

A PC Past

One of our advertising agency clients, like many businesses, had a PC-based infrastructure. As a leading ad agency in their field with more than 20 years of experience meeting the needs of their customers and developing processes to constantly keep on top of the industry, This advertising agency is not only relied heavily on their existing servers and infrastructure on a daily basis, they had extensive monetary investments into it as well. Eventually, the CEO of this small yet robust company, realized that their needs weren’t being met effectively by her employees’ Windows-based computers.

An Extensive Search

Our client sought out numerous IT companies and heard the same story about how her company would need to start from the bottom up with a completely new Mac-based infrastructure with all new servers as marrying Macs and PCs together was simply too problematic — both for the IT company, as well as the agency itself. That is until they talked with CTS. From the very start, CTS was different. Instead of telling the CEO what the agency needed to do, CTS gave them choices on how to handle the transition.

CTS Offers a Complete Package

Our client states, “CTS never told me that integrating my Windows-based server and cloud environments with the Macs we wanted to switch to was impossible to accomplish.” For more than 15 years, CTS has been providing this agency with their IT services. From tapping their Macs into their existing Windows-based servers to providing them with proactive solutions that are designed to ensure that technology always meets their needs, CTS has been working closely with our client and continues to expand and lead its industry with its innovative ideas.